She-by herse-lf

Here´s a glimpse of a new project

...which was inspired by this corner of an image
from a magazin

Though the photo is of a picture over a
sideboard, mine´s going to be a bookshelf of
sorts, with books stacked in it, and keepsakes.
I´d like to have something like that I guess, but don´t...
Besides the momentary inevitable bird&fish-theme
there´s a book already on the shelf named "moving into
stillness", that´s a story I once wrote (and the title of
a book on yoga)...

"A great book should leave you with many experiences,
and slightly exhausted. You should live several lives
while reading it."

(William Styron)


Anonym hat gesagt…

I love that quote... and love reading a book that sends you..

Deb G hat gesagt…

I've read two books by William Styron and while they were both good, they did leave me exhausted. Guess he accomplished his goal.

Birds and fish are such a lovely thing...they both fly through their own environments. I'm thinking about skates right now especially.

Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

When my day is hectic, I find myself going to your blog first for some calmness. Moving into Stillness could be your blog title. Lovely piece.

ger hat gesagt…

Hey, I enjoyed your comments, thank you...