Thought to myself: if you think you have
a lot to do - do something else.
That´s the result (I call it Noli me tangere...)

Still like the idea of little printed
hands clapping - or slap, slap, slapping...

"Cheap, made to travel they throw their tiny
drumbeats out in stereo from the bed table
to the work station. They fill the room
with a music of ticking, only just out
of synch. It could be maddening,
Poe's buried heart, or that spinning toy,
a shuttlecock, ratcheting over nylon cord
slap, slap, slap. Or the body's racket
in the blood, the slow tock of sex undone.
It soothes, they do, soothe, the ping-pong
rhythm of their second-clapping hands:
red line, a vein between this and that."

(Crystal Bacon: Between the Beating Clocks)


jude hat gesagt…

oh well i do love this one and i think i spy a familiar scrap. and i love the wool border, is it wool? and it has a very nice sound.

ger hat gesagt…

Thank you... yes, it´s one of yours - there was a little blue in it, covered that up... + it´s an old wool scarf, I used it for the November piece already...

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Makes me think of the word "integuments".

Threadspider hat gesagt…

Mmmm-lovely winter warmth. I was fascinated by how you printed the little hand motif-I had completely forgotten about that technique.

ger hat gesagt…

Integuments... a new word, again, Susan - makes me think of being bundled up in a horse sledge... since winter warmth means global warming instead of romantic sledge rides, one has to create some kind of compensation I guess - thanks, Judith...

Deb G hat gesagt…

I keep looking at the edges. :)