"The rain does not cool and is a sticky one
to the present and the place.
Is it a weakness, yours for narcotics?
The trees levitate and become mountains.
You stand in the water inside a melancholy boulder.
Now you're a flying sandwich."

(Lesle Lewis: The Menders and the Breakers)



I´m having a guest at the moment.

She likes things handmade...


Una pumpa...

Here´s a rare sighting of guerilla knitting - at least
for the part of town where I live, there might be more

A bit droll, perhaps...

After I´d taken the photos, a group of tourists came
by, stopping at the pump and, ignoring the knit,
shouting "una pumpa, una pumpa..." with delight,
starting to pump away, wasting water...

No, that´s not them. It´s a photo of some other
street pump enthusiasts I happened to find today
while rummaging through my mess. Strange coincidence -
didn´t even know I had it. It´s one of a few loose
book pages, so I can´t say who made the photo and when,
1920s or 30s I guess...


Good words

A while ago a friend asked me to make something for
her as cushiony as my "therapeutic" pincushions, but
with "good words".
I liked what came out of it, so I made another one...

And a mixed-media card too.
There will be more of these I think...

They´re in the shop, together with some other new




Monday mirrors

A wip, made mostly from pieces of cancelled projects
(three cheers to the roundabout ways...)

Pretty enough, that little mirror - but not as pretty
as the ones on my old indian bag bolster...

More about The Nature of a Mirror here...


A green rush...

Sumatran jungle views?
Green tea intoxication?
A chestnut tree in Berlin in the rain.
Just moved the camera a bit while triggering -
and had fun doing so, obviously...


Thoughts for the road

Almost forgot to introduce you to this...

... after having shown it here only in the background...

It´s made from an old, timeworn kitchen towel, a piece
of hand dyed cotton, and bits of paper, "artificially"
weathered - and it has hidden messages (of which I´m
kind of fond lately - the use of paper in cloth, as
well as the messages - soon more...)

I´m rather pleased with it. Despite the paper and the
narrrow sewn lines it´s still very soft to the touch.
I call it "Thoughts for the road"...

And today I like


A dancer...

A while ago I made a dye try with hibiscus tea, which
didn´t satisfy me - but I kept a few empty tea bags
and pinned them to my notice board...

And here finally found a way to use one...

She´s in the shop, together with two other female
thread personalities, and some silk scraps...



That´s my monthly hanging for April, finished in
time - almost...

The chestnut image is from an old hankerchief...

"Men are more moral than they think and far more
immoral than they can imagine."

(Sigmund Freud, born May 6, 1856)