August drawing to a close

Monthly hanging for August wip - No. 12, this
one is. Featuring - without me meaning to, funny how
that works - a very unwelcome addition to daily life
at the Gerdiary dwellings: scaffolding...



On the kitchen wall...

Slowly growing: monthly hanging for July (centre)
- but first of all...


With a little help...

Sometimes just a little something is missing, before
a piece can be called finished...

And here it came, in a wonderful envelope of fabrics
Marie sent me...

It´s one of a few small take-it-easy summer cloths
I´m making...

Another one of them received a fitting addition too
in the mail this week, when a beige extra came with
some delightful oyster grey silk ribbons I bought
from Lisa...




A while ago I removed my link list here - didn´t
like the look of it any more, but neither that
"see more..." setting - and didn´t want to select
- on the contrary: rather add more blogs to it
(and somehow I don´t like the idea of subscribing
to blogs...) - so I moved the whole thing to a
separate blog, for my use only, naming it therefore
But that doesn´t feel completely right either, so
there´s a LINKS link in the sidebar now for everyone
interested to hop over - and as there´s a lot of
empty space left I´m going to post some non-stitch
photos there once in a while (the urban patchwork findings
remain here, though, and the occassional saturday snapshots...)


More white (plus red + apricot)

Still stitching at my white cloth...

That fondness for pure white - it´s when I´m dyeing

Well, almost pure... - adding bits of dyed silk I have
from Kaite - and some red will be in order later on,

And here´s something else I made: some new "tiles".
They come in pairs. For one - I call it Eye Echo -
I used two hand stitched nine-patches in whites and
neutrals, painting some of the patches red with
acrylic paint. They´re in the shop, together with
a new fabric pack - August apricot...