More blues and: three winners

Some new blues. They have quite a nice sky and
jeans look, which comes from mordanting the fabrics
in soymilk before dyeing with reseda and logwood
I suppose...

Well, no rush exactly on the give-away....
But very pretty errors indeed, thanks for sharing
And: where not many take part, almost all win -
isn´t that nice...

A 6 € virtual voucher for the currently existing
two shops goes to


They´re valid for all of 2012. In case of a purchase,
just add a note to remind me, and I´ll return 6 € to


deanna7trees hat gesagt…

well, i missed out on the blues again. didn't get to your shop fast enough. can you put me on a list for the next batch of blues? congrats to the winners.

woman with wings hat gesagt…

Heike, oh my gosh, thank you so much. I'm so excited! I'll be ordering very soon.

Congratulations on 600 posts! xo Peggy

Jeannie hat gesagt…

Beautiful blues! Congratulations to the lucky winners! and Congrats to you on 600 posts!

Robyn A hat gesagt…

Heike, congrats to you and the winners! You may have to go into blue mode to satisfy the demand. I was also too slow. Next time.....

Catherine V. Bainbridge hat gesagt…

Hi Heike,

I wish I had seen your giveaway post in time! I love these blues and am enjoying everything that you're doing!


Anonym hat gesagt…

soft blues, I had no idea you could get blue that way..