(Not) Solid as German Oak

Two big poplar trees have been cut
down in a nearby park...

...and that´s how it looks inside their
trunks - a sorry sight indeed...

...their neighbours, still standing:

That´s why I didn´t have to think twice about
participating too when I learned about
the International Fiber Collaborative´s
Tree Project
through Rough Around the Edges,
where Robin last week showed a beautiful
mossy leaf she made.

So this is my contribution: a 5 x 7 inch
quilted leaf on a felt base, with an oak
leaf on top which I made when I first started
felting years ago...

The International Fiber Collaborative is going to
create a full-sized tree in April 2009 in Huntsville/
USA, using about 30.000 fiber leaves, contributed by
participants from around the world. A gallery with some of
the leaves already sent in can be viewed here -
and the deadline is March 15...


Threadspider hat gesagt…

Incredible that the heart should be gone, but the tree lived on for some time.
The tree project looks fascinating and your leaf is recognisably "yours"-it's beautiful.

Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

I'm so glad you are participating too. Great leaf and I love seeing your gray and white trademark in it.

ger hat gesagt…

Good to hear that I might be developing some kind of recognisable "trademark"... thanks

jeanne herself hat gesagt…

wow. those pictures present a sobering sight. like your contribution. will see if i can find time to whip up something for this fun, worthwhile project.