UFO stories

Here´s one more long time Unfinished Object
I´m aiming to get rid off...

I´m still fond of the white crosses and the curves,
but never liked the fabrics much to begin with. Then
I once tried to machine quilt it and failt...
The crosses all of a sudden made me think of playing
cards, so I started covering unwanted areas with
wool patches, adding playing card symbols...

...and writing

Either way it´s a gamble (quoting Dolly Parton...)

Which leads over very nicely to UFO story No 2:

No empty trunk, I´m sorry to report. Made two sales
yesterday... No one else did more, as far as I
could see. A lot of cake, coffee and "Glühwein"
were sold, though (which´s overwhelming, rather narcotic
odor plus beginning boredom drove me off the premises
two hours early...) But I had quite a good time
at La Bastellerie on a dark and
wet Berlin december afternoon, crocheting,
chatting, meeting a blog acquaintance in person...
I´m offering workshops there next year - that´s how I
came to know about the trunk show and decided to give
it a try (but wouldn´t wish to make a habit of that
kind of thing, it just isn´t worthwhile - it hardly
ever is from all one hears and reads, a pity...)


Lucy in the Sky hat gesagt…

Wirklich schade, aber dort war es so voll und warm, dass auch bei mir die Fluchtreflexe ausgelöst wurden. Es hat schon Gründe, warum ich nie auf Weihnachtsmärkte gehe, und der Glühweingeruch ist einer davon. Auf den Workshop bin ich ja gespannt, gestern war ich zu reizüberflutet, um einfach zu fragen, worum es sich handelt.

viele grüße!

jude hat gesagt…

wow, that's a big UFO, or at least it looks like it from here. i have not done any shows yet. it always seems like so much effort and i hear so many negative stories. i guess it all depends but i think it is hard to tell who the audience is sometimes. i also think that people like to have some time to think about buying things these days....

Deb G hat gesagt…

My parents take things to arts/crafts shows and sell at a local farmer's market. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. Depends on so many things. It is all a gamble. :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Schade, hätte ja sein können, daß es mal klappt. Je mehr ich Erfahrungsberichte höre glaube ich aber auch, daß es - wenn es überhaupt etwas bringt - auf die Gegend und das Publikum (genauer gesagt auf die Finanzkraft des Publikums) ankommt. Ein Workshop mit Gleichgesinnten ist hoffentlich befriedigener.

ger hat gesagt…

Hi - yes, it´s a big (+ heavy...) UFO, about 1,20 m x 1,20 m - + no, I don´t regret having been at the trunk show (it made be realize more firmly what I don´t want...) -vermutlich ist enges Nebeneinander von Kunst/Handwerk + Speis/Trank grundsätzlich störend + kontraproduktiv...

Anonym hat gesagt…

It sounds that even though you did
not sell things at least you were
able to crochet and meet friends.
I love the heart shape spade (card
symbol) and the stitched words.
It feels good to finish those "lingering" projects.

ger hat gesagt…

It does, for sure... thanks!