Under way

I´m beginning to like that bulky UFO thing,
which now is named Gamble...

... although I have difficulties working
on big and heavy pieces - there´s a constant
slight inflammation in my wrist joints (ah, yes,
the years are showing...), so I can´t hold
one hand underneath the cloth for a while without
increasing my troubles.

But this one is going to be finished...

Meanwhile it helped me forward by providing
a Word of the Year for 2010 - which will be


or, in long version: WAY/WEG (in German WEG can
mean both way and away...)

And so, considering these facts, I decided -
inspired, of course, by this and this - to prepare
part of a mothholed wool scarf by covering it with
a layer of soft linens to become the base of
a Long Cloth I´m going to make...

... an arthritis friendly solution, it´s shape
already being a WAY... I might as well use the
scarf´s rectangular pattern as a (hidden) grid...

"Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself,
you had bloody well better find some way that is going
to be interesting. And you don't do that by sitting
around wondering about yourself.”

(Katharine Hepburn)


jude hat gesagt…

'way' works well with the long cloth idea. it IS an easier way to handle cloth, you can always get at it and it is a path-way some how and i can imagine many ways for you to go with this. i must confess too that 'magic' will be a long cloth too.

ger hat gesagt…

Looking forward to see it grow... let´s hope (or why not: be sure of...) that 2010 will be magical in many ways...

Deb G hat gesagt…

It's one of the hardest challenges to turn something we don't like into something we do I think. A good word, a good direction (which I think is going to be my word for the year-direction).

Joei Rhode Island hat gesagt…

Jude's works are inspiring...but then so are yours. Magical Long Cloth...a Way and Away...lots of choices there. And wasn't Katherine Hepburn wonderful?

ger hat gesagt…

Hope it´s going to be a good direction (I knew that, Deb - that´s why I was thinking about it, after reading Jude had one, you had one...) - thanks, Joei, yes, K.H. was wonderful - + do you have a word, too...?

Anonym hat gesagt…

I like the quote from Katherine Hepburn. I have always admired her
strength and strong personality.
It is fun to see Jude's long cloth
and yours will be fun to see too!
I like the idea of a thin long cloth
that can be rolled and tied.

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Yes way!
- Theodore "Ted" Logan

As I said to Eva earlier - downward facing dog (yoga assana) is really good for the wrists.

ger hat gesagt…

So it is, ancientcloth - the long cloth´s ideal (not only...) for the modern urban nomad... - "yes way" is good... - but downward facing dog (except done very carefully + just a few repetitions)only for wrists as long as they´re intact...