Have been working on this piece (which still
insists on being nameless)...

adding triangles...

and peep-holes...


Berlin fashion/textile news

In case you´re wondering what a trendy Berlin
scarecrow is wearing this season, here´s the answer:

I met them yesterday at Domäne Dahlem (that´s
an acricultural project and museum within the
urban area...)
And, in case you´re not completely bored with them
by now, here´s my apparently irrepressible crew of
Creatures again - in the program brochure for the
upcoming Textile Art fair... (see sidebar)


May be...

"Do not fear mistakes. There are none."

(Miles Davis, born May 26, 1926)


Gone, but still talking...

Details from the trunk of a dead tree...
Looks a lot like my seam-experiments...

Inspires me to do more - but first I´m off for a
few days. See you again next week...


Reading/not reading

Today - for a change - was a fine day, so having
coffee and cake by the local pond felt almost
like an afternoon at a health-resort...
But yesterday has been all grey and cold, and -
suddenly finding myself lacking appropriately
absorbing reading material, I not only worked
on the woven piece shown in yesterday´s post,
but made two "Reading companions", too...
They are in the shop.



Here´s, still very necessary, and giving way
finally to a rather uncompromising black thread
mood - another try on a "sun dance" - and it´s a
variation on last friday´s people piece, too...

Not complaining, though - I like clouds (and
sometimes maybe even crowds...)

Here´s a poem about Berlin clouds:

"I love the insulation of strange cities:
Living in your head, the routines of home
Becoming more and more remote,
Alone and floating through the streets
As through the sky, anonymous and languageless
Here at the epicenter of three wars. Yesterday
I took the S-Bahn into town again
To see the Kiefer in the Neue Nationalgalerie,
A burned out field with smoke still rising from
the furrows
In a landscape scarred with traces of humanity
At its most brutal, and yet for all that, traces
of humanity.
What makes this world so frightening? In the end
What terrifies me isn’t its brutality, its violent
But its indifference, like a towering sky of clouds
Filled with the wonder of the absolutely meaningless.
I went back to the Alte Nationalgalerie
For one last look at its enchanting show of clouds -
Constable’s and Turner’s, Ruskin’s clouds and Goethe’s
Clouds so faint they’re barely clouds at all,
just lines.
There was a small glass case which held a panel
Painted by the author of a book I’d read when I was
twenty-five -
Adalbert Stifter, Limestone - but hadn’t thought
about in years.
Yet there were Stifter’s clouds, a pale yellow sky
Behind some shapes already indistinct
(and this was yesterday),
As even the most vivid words and hours turn faint,
Turn into memories, and disappear. Is that so
Evanescence is a way of seeming free, free to disappear
Into the background of the city, of the sky,
Into a vast surround indifferent to these secret lives
That come and go without a second thought
Beyond whatever lingers in some incidental lines,
Hanging for a while in the air like clouds
Almost too faint to see, like Goethe’s clouds."

(John Koethe: Clouds)


It works...

A few tentative rays breaking through the
cloud cover...


Still no (real) sun...

Thanks for the kind and sun-wishing comments
on the last post...
The lyrics, of course, where from "Blue Moon" -
hope nobody thought I made it up myself...

Here´s another one that comes to mind when
looking out at the Berlin sky:

"Loneliness is a coat you wear
The dark shade of blue is always there

Emptiness is a place you're in
With nothing to lose and nothing to win

The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
The moon ain't gonna rise in the sky..."

Walker Brothers, yes...


Blue sun

The sun is making itself scarce around here, so
I started to stitch my own private version - not
being the sunbather type, though, I´m making a
blueish one... - "Blue Sun/ Now I´m no longer alone/
Without a dream in my heart/ Without a love of my
own/ Blue Sun..."



People, especially in a big city - as troublesome as
they are fascinating, being everywhere, crowding
sidewalks and public transportation, unremittingly
moving and talking...
Now and then I think about how to capture them in
cloth. Here´s a little machine embroidery practice...

... taken with my new camera. Quite a relief...
Till now I did all photos with a phone, which worked
fine, but was a lot of hassle, too, having to catch
the right light, no close-ups...

to take care of your cell phone!
Do you know how?

The best way is to drop it in
a deep pot of chicken fat
and bring to a boil.
Simmer for two hours.
Let cool."

(James Stevenson: To People I Hear Talking
Loudly on Their Cell Phones)


Alphabet hearts

To make good use of letters which are piling
up around here in all kinds of physical states,
I startet to make a series of alphabet hearts...

A as in AM ANFANG = in the beginning, B as in
BEHARRLICHKEIT = perseverance, and C as in...



I´ve made an arrangement with a lady who hasn´t
much time for it to share her allotment - so I´m
looking forward to some digging in the dirt and
some outdoor stitching in the months to come...