Or so it see(a)ms......

What´s that...?

Looks far more dramatic here than it is - just

... with seams I collected when cutting up old

... and some raw silk filling from an old coverlet
I don´t use any more...

So, it´s already almost time to say bye-bye to
April - that one went quick (as most of them do)...


As good as new...

Did I want his late mother´s "Nähkästchen"
(sewing box), a friend asked me. Of course I
did - and am now proud owner of this commodious
sewing furniture...

... including an assortment of threads, buttons,
thimbles and such...

... and this fearsome instrument - which works
surprisingly well...


Decomposing a chestnut or: Goldene Seufzer

In my new stash of old hankies I found a vintage chestnut
one - and since the chestnut trees are just unfolding
their leaves, and since the moths have just begun their
silent destruction work inside the trunks, too - I decomposed
a part of it into small squares...

Attaching them with a thread knot at the corners to
another hankie, writing parts of "Der Abend" by Georg Trakl
on the back (yes, I said I won´t use other people´s poems
any more, but, well...)

"Goldene Seufzer erlöschen leise in den kahlen Zweigen/
Der Kastanie; ein Klang von dunklen Zymbeln des Sommers/
Wenn die Fremde auf der verfallenen Stiege erscheint..."

Golden sighs fade silently in the chestnut´s barren branches
- a sound of summer´s dark cymbals/ when the stranger
appears on the dilapidated stairs...



Yesterday evening, in a no-nonsense-mood it seems,
I made a little nine-patch Calmer...

A very good week to everyone...!

"No world is intact
and no one cares about you.

I leaned down over
don’t care about, I care about
I leaned down over the

world in portrayal
of carefulness, answering

something you couldn’t say.
walking or fallen and you
were supposed
to give therapy to me—

me leaning down
brushing with painted feathers
to the left chance your operatic,


(Alice Notley: No world is intact)


In a mixed mood...

A while back I made three mixed-media pieces
with pages from an old issue of "Never Cry Wolf",
a book by a man named Farley Mowat who lived
among the wolves in Canada in the Sixties,
and blotch-drawing creatures, starting three
more - but never finishing them until now...

I grouped them together as one big picture...

And I made two small folding booklets, with blotch-
drawings on fabric...

They tell stories about a big brown bird and it´s song
in a p-oe-tree...

And about a relaxed pre-summer day, I guess,
where "there was a stir in the air, and a sense of
expectant gaiety..."

"The right time is ANY time that one is still
so lucky as to have"

(Henry James, born April 15, 1843)


Streets and parks...

No, this is not a scene from "La Strada"...

It´s a little Creature, wondering whether it´s
a doll or a freak or a pincushion or what...?

And, since the outdoor season just started, a new
generation of Berlin park ranger...
He takes his duties very seriously, he disapproves
of all kinds of hectic and unsuitable behaviour in
his scope, and he doesn´t hesitate to brandish his
stick - so watch out...


White, reddish, black...

A message in a bottle...?

No, an avocado pip dye (these handwritten scraps seem
to pop up everywhere...)

I´m fond of the reddish blotches it produces...

The other day a friend gave me a lot of old hankies
and other linens, so I´m going to make some light, white,
pre-summer things in the weeks to come I think - because
it´s pleasant to deal with them - and to counterbalance
the ongoing black thread mood I´m in, which is still
groping to express itself in a way that feels right...
So here´s a hankie nine-patch with unconnecting
patches (one is fake, anyways...) and a little black
thread eye stitching...

In machine stitch, it bears the statement: yes, it´s
a nine-patch...


Sitting quietly...

Wish I could. Always on the jump, in "real life" -
or so it feels, at least...

Another one that got it´s direction from a scrap
with some hand written letters (as the "would" from
the last post...) - I can´t even remember why I cut
out single words from pieces of fabric I had written
some poems on somewhen (but should do it again
perhaps, they make great prompts...) - here it
was "just sit" which fell into my hands when I
gathered potential scraps for this piece (the idea
was to let four islands, two round ones and two
squares, float in a pond of ripples)...

That and the ripples made me think of a traditional
japanese garden, and I added "Just now"...

Then I dismissed the "Just sit" scrap and embroidered
that too instead (bit hard to see here, it´s white
on white)...
And it´s in the shop...

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes,
and the grass grows by itself"

(Zen proverb)


Would you...

Funny how one thing can lead to another.
This little quilt I made yesterday, after...

I first found a small greenish scrap, not knowing
what to do with it, but thinking I might want to
do something with it... - then I found a single
hand written "would" - which made me think of Johnny
Cash´s "Would you lay with me in a field of stone..."

As the greenish scrap resembles a sprout and
not a stone, things developed towards "Would you
grow with me..." - it´s a simple thing, but nice
I think - a simple pleasure...

This one and a few other things will be in the shop

"Would you lay with me in a field of stone
If my needs were strong would you lay with me
Should my lips grow dry would you wet them dear
In the midnight hour if my lips were dry

Would you go away to another land
Walk a thousand miles through the burning sand
Wipe the blood away from my dying hand
If I gave myself to you

Would you bathe with me in the stream of life
When the moon is full would you bathe with me

Will you still love me when I'm down and out
In my time of trials will you stand by me

Would you go away to another land
Walk a thousand miles through the burning sand
Wipe the blood away from my dying hand
If I gave myself to you

Would you lay with me in a field of stone
If my needs were strong would you lay with me"

(Johnny Cash)


A booklet

Here´s a small (7,5 x 6 cm) spring mixed-media
booklet I made...

It has 6 pages, with a bird head I found in a
textile paint blotch (when I made that shirt-
inspired splatter)...

... the opening scene of Goethe´s Faust, where
Faust lies sleeping in a flowery meadow, while the
fairies sing: "Wenn der Blüten Frühlingsregen über
alle schwebend sinkt, wenn der Felder grüner Segen
allen Erdgebornen blinkt, kleiner Elfen Geistergröße
eilet, wo sie helfen kann..."
- more or less untranslatable stuff, I´m afraid...

... a little paper/cloth collage (also about the
fairies) - and a bit of hand dyed fabric...

Hope everyone has peaceful, relaxing days...